Special Ministry

The special ministries engage in daily and weekly priesthood activities, pastoral operations, and worship services of AHN. Special ministries are the ministerial functionalities that are expected to be performed by all believers.


The AHN Special Ministries are:

Prayer Ministry, Evangelism Ministry, Follow-up Ministry, Campus Ministry, Drama Ministry, Welfare Ministry, and Training Ministry


These ministries are for you, and we encourage you to become a member of any of the ministries. If you would love to join any of these ministries, send us an email.

Prayer Ministry

The prayer ministry or warriors is set to be the life wire and burdens bearers of the church. The ministry ensures that prayers are offered for the church without ceasing and that the fire of prayers is continually burning on the altar of God. The ministry offers intercession and supplication for Agape House and the entire body of Christ.

Its primary goal is to hold the Church accountable to one of her key principles, which is to be a praying church. Hence, the ministry coordinates the church and encourages guests and members to join the daily teleconference prayer meeting.

    Follow-up Ministry


    Follow-up ministry exists to provide a warm and welcoming environment for our guests and assists relocated guests and potential members in job-seeking, transportation, moral, and financial support.


    Evangelism Ministry


    Evangelism ministry exists to obey the great commission of Christ. Due to the importance of this mandate, the entire church is encouraged to be involved in the ministry. The method of evangelism is not only limited to preaching the gospel through our lifestyles (Character Evangelism), but it extends to special celebration evangelism and implements programs like movies, saves a lunch, sporting tournaments, and medical outreach to name a few.

    Drama Ministry

    Drama ministry is set up to bring visualization to the word of God through stage expression and other modes of performing art. The ministry uses stage instead of pulpit to evangelize, edify, preach, and simplify the word of God for easy application.

    The ministry uses its spiritual gifts and natural and creative abilities not to amuse and entertain but to minister grace into the lives of their audiences.

      Welfare Ministry


      The ministry engages the church to rejoice with members rejoicing and mourn with members mourning. Romans 12:15. The ministry focuses on sick members, bereaved members, newly born mothers, and members with special needs.


      The ministry also engages the church to celebrate members’ birthdays, wedding anniversaries, other landmark celebrations, end-of-year parties, and pastor’s appreciation service.

      Campus Ministry

      The ministry creates AHN footprint in all the campuses in Nashville and Tennessee States to engage college students in the worship and service of God.

      These footprints range from church registration and college partnership to providing African migration scholarship, college students welfare, academic supports and graduates’ achievements celebrations.

        Training Ministry


        Training ministry is the teaching arm of the AHN. The ministry coordinates the School of Leadership and Ministry (SLM) of the church. The ministry through the teaching of the word of God turns guests to members, members to volunteers, volunteers to workers, workers to ministers, and ministers to pastors.


        The ministry also coordinates all the educational programs of the RCCG, Americas, and ensures their implementation in AHN.  The ministry teaching curriculum extends beyond spirituality to business, leadership, investments, technology, and other relevant opportunities in the marketplace.